Book 2, Episode 18 ~ Blistering Sands ~ has been Posted!

Episode 18 of Book 2: Torcher, Blistering Sands, has been added to the Chapter Pages!

Before any of them can prepare for the chaos that envelops them, a sandstorm sweeps over and consumes The Bladewarriors.  Trapped in the harsh and scalding winds, the Bladewarriors become lost and separated, struggling to regroup and survive the harsh assault of the desert squall.  But the pelting sand and the burning winds aren’t the only threat that dusty gale carries with it…

Episode 18 ~ Blistering Sands

The sandstorm moved in quickly, overtaking the warriors before they even realized it.  Ivy shouted, a wave of blazing heat washing over her as the dust swept past.  She felt like the portion of her skin that was exposed to the air was being cooked as she quickly spun around, throwing her back to the gusts.  Even still, the sand and warmth stung at her back – striking her like a thousand bee stings as she pulled the cloak tight around herself, struggling to keep the scorching winds from searing the flesh straight off of her.

The green-haired girl lifted her head, carefully glancing around as the edges of her hood fluttered chaotically in her vision.  Outside of the tapering cloak, though, the young girl couldn’t see anything other than the hazy brown of the turbulent gale.  Sand clogged her vision, swirling around her as it covered the land and the sky.  She realized that, with every passing second, the light around was growing dimmer – the dust creating a shield from the rays of the sun.  If it weren’t for the fact that the wind and heat were making it hard to breath, she might have welcomed the cover from the blazing orb.

Unable to find her friends – people she knew were no more than a few feet away from her – by sight, the girl began to listen, hoping she might hear something.  But as the granulates of dirt pelted the side of her cloak and the wind screamed in her ears, she realized she’d be lucky to hear her own voice.


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